Fireworks should be treated as potentially hazardous cargo, operators reminded

Ashleigh Wight
October 5, 2017


Hauliers have been reminded that fireworks need to be treated as potentially dangerous cargo and should familiarise themselves with the proper methods for transporting them.

The FTA said many operators are asked to diversify the type of goods they carry as the peak period looms. This can include fireworks, which some businesses may treat as “just another cargo”.

The association has developed a briefing note for its members, available from its Member Advice Centre, to remind operators of the safest methods to transport fireworks.

Head of licensing and compliance information James Firth said: “We are all aware of the dangers of goods such as petrol or flammable liquids, but the ubiquity of fireworks, and their presence in many domestic celebrations over the winter months, means that many transport operators may treat them as just another cargo.

“This could rocket both the driver and other road users into a risky situation, yet can be avoided by taking careful notice of the ADR regulations for the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road.”

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Ashleigh Wight

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