Fors to clamp down on operators displaying incorrect cycle safety signs

Emma Shone
July 26, 2016


Fors plans to clamp down on operators displaying incorrect cycle safety signs on their vehicles after complaints from cycling pressure groups.

The move comes after waste removal firm A Better Service was instructed to remove illuminated warning signs on the back left of its vehicles that instruct cyclists to “stay back”.

The sign (pictured) was fitted by co-developers Whale Tankers and is thought to be on about 500 vehicles in operation. 

The Fors regulation on warning signs “discourages” instructional signage, preferring messages with warnings such as “take care”. Unapproved signage “will result in a minor action point” rather than an outright audit fail. 

However, the accreditation organisation told CM that A Better Service had failed its Fors audit because a number of its vehicles displayed no cyclist warning signs at all. 

Darren Bicknell, director at A Better Service, confirmed he had been told to remove the LED-lit signage he has in place. 

“We could have just gone with a sticker,” he said. “But we thought we’d go above and beyond to make the vehicles safer and make the sign stand out. But that’s backfired. It’s frustrating.”

The sign was developed by waste management operator Hydro Cleansing and body builder Whale Tankers. 

Hydro Cleansing MD Steve Hoad said: “The Fors regulation is political correctness gone crazy. When we got our Fors silver, the auditor fell in love with the sign. He said it was fantastic. Hell will freeze over before I take the signs off. They’re a safety device and do not offend anybody. It’s ridiculous.”

A Fors spokesman said the organisation “has responded to calls from various cycling groups to change aforementioned ‘instructional’ signage”.

He added: “Fors is aware that a number of other members are displaying unapproved ‘instructional’ signage and will be taking steps to advise them accordingly to make necessary modifications.”


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