Haulier enters liquidation after O-licence is revoked

Chris Tindall
July 17, 2020

A Telford haulier that had its licence revoked at a public inquiry (PI) earlier this year has entered liquidation.

Insolvency practitioners at Birmingham-based Butcher Woods were appointed to THR Parcels & Pallets last month.

The operator appeared before traffic commissioner (TC) Nick Denton in January and according to the Office of the Traffic Commissioner (OTC), its licence was revoked for illegal practices.

“The licence holder, David Vowles, was also the transport manager,” said an OTC spokesperson. “He was loaning his licence disc for £120 per month to another company that did not have a licence to operate. This is illegal and undermines the operator licensing regime.”

THR Parcels & Pallets’ operating centre was on the Hadley Business Park in Telford and it held a standard international licence for 20 lorries and five trailers up until March this year.

The OTC spokesperson added: “Denton considered that a ‘competent and reputable transport manager would have known that to lend a vehicle licence disc to an unauthorised operator for money was to undermine the purpose of the operator licensing system.’

“Accordingly, Denton found that Vowles’ good repute as transport manager was lost, and he disqualified him from acting as a transport manager for an indefinite period.

“The O-licence for THR Parcels and Pallets was revoked because it was no longer the operating entity, which was actually a separate company and had been the situation for several years. The firm also lacked financial standing.”

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