Haulier has O-licence revoked over links to disqualified company

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January 16, 2018


A Greater Manchester-based haulier is to have its O-licence revoked after fears that it was linked to another operator, which had already had its licence taken away, proved well founded.

DSE Logistics, based in Middleton, operates 20 vehicles and 20 trailers. Its director and current sole shareholder is David Robinson and transport manager is Adam Pirouzan.

A public inquiry held at Warrington Crown Court before Simon Evans, TC for the North West of England, heard that there were concerns about connections between DSE Logistics and a revoked licence for DS Express.

There were also worries that a former director of DS Express, Daniel Slifkin, who was declared bankrupt in November 2014 and therefore unable to act as a company director, was also involved with DSE Logistics.

Evidence before the inquiry suggested a number of links including DSE Logistics having the use of the e-mail address of DS Express; that Daniel Slifkin had at one stage been listed at Companies House as the majority shareholder of DSE Logistics; and that Slifkin was directly and substantially involved in the running of DSE Logistics.

The operator was represented at the inquiry by solicitor Laura Hadzik, who accepted that Daniel Slifkin had played a part in operations but in an advisory rather than managerial role.

She also said that David Robinson accepted he had been “incredibly naïve” about the links to Slifkin and now proposed to sever all connections with him. She added that the current plan was to move premises and rebrand the business.

For his part, David Robinson told the inquiry that he had been a good friend of Slifkin for several years and had worked as a driver for him on two of the company licences for which Slifkin had previously been director. He added that in setting up on his own he wanted to take advantage of Slifkin’s links with existing clients and took advice from him.

Robinson confirmed at the inquiry that staff previously employed by DS Express and drivers from that company had moved over to DSE Logistics. He also acknowledged that Slifkin had completed the application forms for the DSE Logistics licence. Robinson added that he felt Slifkin was having trouble letting go of the role of business owner.

The TC said that he found Robinson’s evidence to be “confused and at times contradictory and confusing” although he added that the evidence of transport manager Adam Pirouzan was “open and honestly given”.

The TC ruled that the revocation would be deferred until 11 April on the condition that David Robinson resigns as director within 21 days and is replaced by Adam Pirouzan.

David Robinson is disqualified from holding or obtaining an operator’s licence in any traffic area indefinitely.

Any future application for a licence or appointment as a transport manager by Daniel Slifkin is also to be referred to a TC.

Brian Robinson, David Robinson’s father, who had acted as transport manager until May was also given a formal warning but no further action was taken against him.

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