Haulier that painted "shocking picture of non-compliance" has O-licence revoked

Ashleigh Wight
March 29, 2017


An operator that demonstrated a blasé attitude to the safety of its trucks has been stripped of its O-licence.

Melksham, Wiltshire-based partnership Graham Norman Pearce and Reginald Watkins, which traded as P & W Transport, was found to have failed to maintain its vehicles to the required standard and had done nothing to investigate the issue of a PG9.

Transport manager Graham Pearce was found to have lost his repute and was disqualified from holding the position for an indefinite period.

DVSA evidence presented at a public inquiry (PI) before West of England traffic commissioner (TC) Kevin Rooney suggested driver defect reporting at the business was virtually non-existent, as five of the seven sheets presented were dated after the notice of the inspection was given.

The investigation found the forward planning chart did not feature tachograph calibration dates; brake performance test records were not completed satisfactorily; and inspection records had never contained tyre tread depths or tyre pressures.

The operator had fitted second-hand brake pads to a truck the day before the planned DVSA visit, but there was clear evidence there had previously been metal-to-metal contact between the brake pad backing plate and the brake disc. The same vehicle had an insecure wheel due to the use of faulty nuts.

The DVSA said it was apparent the business had done nothing to investigate a prohibition that had been issued for a red warning light that suggested a truck’s electronic braking system was defective. The examiner said the transport manager took a blasé attitude towards the issue of the PG9 and gave a shrug of the shoulders when he was questioned about it.

No one from the operator attended the PI this month, but the business emailed the Office of the Traffic Commissioner to inform the TC it would cease trading at midnight on the day after the hearing.

No evidence of financial standing was produced.

Rooney said in his written decision: “It paints a shocking picture of non-compliance and a transport manager who appears to care nothing of the condition of his fleet. It is unfortunate that he has chosen not to attend today.

“The shortcomings and his reported attitude at the maintenance investigation indicate strongly to me that he is not of good repute.”

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