Hazardous materials changes at ATFs

Commercial Motor
September 12, 2018

Operators are now able to take HGVs laden with compressed hydrogen and liquefied argon for ADR testing at amber authorised testing facilities (ATFs).

The change came into effect on 1 September and is subject to satisfying product-specific health and safety conditions. ATFs will be able to accept 1049 compressed hydrogen if:

. the presenter has correctly completed a revised VTG15 form;
. all cylinders have been isolated and all pipework has been depressurised before inspection;
. system pressure is reduced to a maximum of 40 bar before inspection;
. the vehicle is leak tested within 24 hours of the test and certified leak-free on the VTG15 form; and
. the presenter provides a hydrogen detection monitor for the examiner to wear during the examination.

Amber ATFs will only be able to accept 1951 liquefied argon if the presenter provides an oxygen deprivation monitor for the examiner to wear during the examination.

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