HGV drivers targeted in Suffolk police op

Chris Tindall
July 7, 2023

Police in Suffolk said lorry drivers in the county were now aware they were likely to be caught if they broke the law behind the wheel after the force began relying on an unmarked HGV to spot offences.

Sergeant Scott Lee-Amies, of Suffolk’s joint roads and armed policing team, said its cab-height operations allowed it to carry out enforcement targeting lorry drivers in particular, “who are in control of the biggest and potentially most dangerous vehicles on the roads”.

His comments followed a week-long operation by the police force last month, which saw 74 HGVs and 58 light goods vehicles stopped, as well as 45 cars.

The main offence detected was not wearing a seatbelt (64 counts); alongside various roadworthiness offences (45). In addition, 35 drivers were using mobile phones at the wheel, 28 had an insecure load, and 11 were driving without due care and attention. Seven drivers received a traffic offence report
for speeding.

Tim Passmore, Suffolk’s police and crime commissioner, said: “It’s disappointing that drivers – particularly those who rely on their driving licence for their livelihood – still need to be reminded about something so obvious as putting on a seatbelt or not using their phones.

“And to think a driver could get behind the wheel without properly securing their load is just unbelievable. I can’t understand why anyone would risk their own life and the lives of others by driving when either they or their vehicle are unfit for the road.”

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