Lack of involvement by transport manager leads to disqualification

Chris Tindall
June 13, 2019

A transport manager whose involvement in a haulage business was likened to “popping up on a Friday afternoon for a cup of tea and a chat” has been disqualified and has lost his repute.

Anthony Seculer, deputy traffic commissioner for the Welsh traffic area, said Paul Tedaldi had “patently failed to effectively and continuously manage the transport activities” at Paul Ricketts Transport, which was authorised to run three lorries and two trailers.

Tedaldi and company director Paul Ricketts appeared before the deputy TC after a DVSA investigation found shortcomings in the haulier’s maintenance, drivers’ hours and tachograph systems.

The deputy TC found that the 10-weekly safety inspection interval was exceeded and the operator had not kept vehicles fit and serviceable.

Tedaldi, who was paid just £300 a year, was described as “conspicuous by his absence” during the DVSA investigation and Seculer said he was unconvincing as a witness:

“I cannot accept that Mr Tedaldi is a competent person to provide constant and effective management on any licence,” he said. “In failing to engage in a proper transport manager arrangement, the operator has placed his repute and operator’s licence in jeopardy. Professional competence is a mandatory requirement and operators who avoid this requirement place public safety at risk.”

Tedaldi was disqualified indefinitely as a transport manager, while Ricketts retained his repute “by the narrowest of margins”. The licence was suspended, however, until a competent transport manager was accepted onto it.

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