Licence hopes dashed after PI no-show

Chris Tindall
February 24, 2023

A Gwynedd operator’s attempt to secure a restricted licence has stalled after it provided no evidence of financial standing and compliance and then failed to appear at a public inquiry (PI).

The traffic commissioner (TC) for Wales, Victoria Davies, said she was not satisfied that the statutory requirements of the Act were met and that Richard Rowlands, director of Welshmans Discounts in Gaerwen, should not be allowed to operate HGVs.

Rowlands was called to a PI in Caernarfon to discuss his licence ambitions due to concerns about his past compliance history, which he had failed to divulge during the application process.

Refusing the application, TC Davies said Rowlands had failed to provide any evidence in advance of the hearing to demonstrate financial resources or how the operator intended to run a compliance business.

She said there was no evidence of the applicant’s proposed vehicle maintenance system, no sample safety inspection records, and no information about proposed daily defect reporting system or a maintenance contract.

“Nor have I received any evidence as to how the applicant intends to comply with the laws regarding drivers’ hours,” the TC said.

“Having regard to the information set out in the public inquiry brief and call-up letter, and the lack of any evidence presented on behalf of the operator, I am not satisfied that the requirements of the Act as to the applicant’s fitness to hold an O-licence are met.”

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