Licence loss warning for bridge strikes

Chris Tindall
November 21, 2020

The senior traffic commissioner has written to all HGV operators warning them that a bridge strike by one of their vehicles could result in the loss of their O-licence.

The reminder came ahead of Network Rail relaunching a campaign about the problem of bridge strikes and revealing Britain’s “most-bashed” bridges.
It said the structures are struck five times every day on average and that the Watling Street bridge on the A5 in Leicestershire was hit every fortnight in the last year.

Network Rail said that with Black Friday and the Christmas rush approaching and larger vehicles expected on the country’s roads, drivers needed to ‘Wise Up, Size Up’ before setting out.

Operators are warned to assess the risks and ensure routes are planned in advance; check that drivers, transport managers and planners are all adequately trained and that drivers are given suitable information about their vehicles.

Gareth Llewellyn, DVSA chief executive said: “There’s real headway being made and we’re seeing a drop in bridge strikes, but we must keep up this momentum to avoid these dangerous and costly incidents.”

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