Licence surrender refused in favour of revocation

Chris Tindall
February 23, 2021

An operator that showed “almost complete disregard” for compliance has had his licence revoked after he attempted to surrender it first.

The director of Jays Transport, which operated out of three bases in Littlehampton, Hayes and West Drayton, was also told he had lost his repute as a transport manager and was disqualified indefinitely after his tacho card was found being used at another company.

An Eastbourne public inquiry heard how a DVSA investigation into Entyre Transport identified links with Jays Transport and its director Jay Sandhu. A request was then sent to the operator, asking for data and what was supplied revealed an absence of downloading and analysis of drivers’ cards and vehicle unit data. A high number of offences being committed by drivers was also identified.

Ahead of the PI, Sandhu contacted the office of the TC and said he wished to surrender his licence, but he was told this would be allowed in advance of the hearing. Sandhu told Deputy TC John Baker that he no longer had any vehicles and had given up his business. He claimed pressure from Entyre Transport had led to his drivers deserting him and that his driver card had been taken and used without his knowledge.

However, the DTC said he could not trust Sandhu to be compliant in the future and he deserved to be put out of business. He revoked the licence with immediate effect on the grounds of loss of repute and disqualified him from holding a licence for two years.


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