‘Lying’ skip firm dumped out of industry

Chris Tindall
January 18, 2024

A Kent operator who lied about the use of an HGV not specified on its licence and continually breached legislation governing the use of vehicles has been disqualified.

Sittingbourne-based sole trader Taylor McQuade was stopped by the DVSA in June 2023 and his vehicle was found to have no valid MOT and there was no excise licence in force.

The vehicle was not specified on McQuade’s licence but analysis of tachograph data showed it had been used regularly by the operator for at least the previous 28 days.

In addition, the analysis revealed no driver’s card had been used and there was a significant breach of the drivers’ hours rules.

The vehicle also attracted an S-marked prohibition for faults with the steering, tyres, lights and wheel nuts.

At a follow-up interview with the enforcement agency, the operator, who ran a company called TM Skip Hire, failed to produce any of the paperwork that had been requested.

McQuade also claimed to have purchased the lorry that had been scrutinised shortly before he was stopped and said that it was only being used on that day whilst another vehicle was being repaired.

However, this explanation did not match ANPR data, which showed regular use leading up to the DVSA encounter.

Shortly before a public inquiry was due to take place, a DVSA officer informed the office of the traffic commissioner that McQuade’s vehicle had been stopped for a second time and it was found to have a defective headlight and under-inflated tyres.

It was still without an MOT and a current excise licence.

McQuade did not attend the hearing.

In his written decision, deputy TC John Baker said it was a bad case with no positive aspects:

“McQuade has breached the Goods Vehicles (Licensing of Operators) Act and those breaches have been blatant and ongoing,” he said.

“He has added to the faults by lying about his use of the vehicle that was stopped on the 30 June 2023 and continuing to use the vehicle thereafter.

“His failure to comply with the requests for information from the DVSA and the traffic commissioner compound his faults.”

The DTC added that McQuade deserved to be put out of business and so he revoked the licence and disqualified him indefinitely.

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