Majority of businesses fail to check driver documents regularly

Ashleigh Wight
August 30, 2017


Less than half of businesses check driver documentation more than once every six months, with some only checking driving licences when a new employee joins.

A survey of 400 senior managers by TomTom Telematics found that while 89% do conduct checks of driver documentation such as driving licences and - in the case of owner-drivers - insurance, only 43% check documents on a regular basis.

Some 15% of survey respondents admitted to only checking documentation when a new employee joins, without conducting follow-up checks.

Despite the paper counterpart being abolished in 2015, 60% of respondents said they still check driver documentation manually rather than conducting an electronic check.

Beverley Wise, UK and Ireland director at TomTom Telematics said: “Since the paper counterpart to the photocard licence was abolished more than two years ago, endorsements and disqualifications have only been recorded electronically. Therefore, businesses should strongly consider moving from manual to electronic checks to ensure they are building a more comprehensive picture on driver risk.

“If organisations are to safeguard employees and protect themselves from risk, it is important to have comprehensive systems in place not only for ensuring checks are conducted frequently but also to ensure findings are properly recorded and acted upon where necessary.”

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Ashleigh Wight

Ashleigh is a former news reporter for Commercial Motor and Motor Transport and currently the editor of OHW+ and HR and wellbeing editor at Personnel Today.

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