Multi-agency operation focuses on waste hauliers

Chris Tindall
March 22, 2022

Hauliers moving waste in Staffordshire have been targeted by police and other partner agencies to ensure they are complying with their legal obligations. The day of action earlier this month was part of national efforts to make sure the HGVs inspected, which are involved in the storage and transfer of waste from source to destination, were safe and maintained to the correct standards.

The Environment Agency (EA), DVSA, HM Revenue & Customs, and Staffordshire police also checked whether the waste being carried was described accurately and being transported to the right facilities. The EA said it carried out the action in Newcastle-under-Lyme to gather more information about businesses transporting waste and working with the other agencies meant they could use their powers in a targeted way. As part of the operation, commercial vehicles were checked on the A5271 at Porthill roundabout and on Cemetery Road in Silverdale.

Gerry Magee from the EA’s environmental crime team said: “The Environment Agency regularly works in partnership with other organisations to carry out operations to check that the relevant rules are being followed during the transportation of waste. The combined use of our powers helps us ensure that robust and proportionate action is taken where it is needed.”

The DVSA’s director of enforcement, Marian Kitson said: “All operators and drivers have a legal and moral duty to ensure their vehicles are safe and roadworthy. Failing to do so will result in us taking action where a danger to public safety is identified.”

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