Network Rail to fit CCTV to bridges

George Barrow
August 10, 2020

Network Rail is fitting CCTV systems to the bridges on its network that are most vulnerable to being hit by vehicles, in order to reduce delays and identify culprits.

The cameras will capture images of the bridge deck and allow faster examination in the event of a collision.

Network Rail said it will allow structural engineers to examine the footage and witness damage as it is caused, which would be particularly useful if the vehicle leaves the scene.

The top 10 most-struck bridges in the Anglia region will be fitted with the CCTV systems by the end of August.

The move comes as Network Rail said there were 1,787 bridge strikes in 2019, with the most costly single strike amounting to £1.8m in train delay costs.

Most of the vehicles that hit railway bridges are HGVs and buses, at an average cost of around £13,000 per strike. The damage costs UK taxpayers approximately £23m a year.

Ellie Burrows, Network Rail route director, said: “Bridge strikes are a significant safety risk and cause widespread disruption and delays for passengers. While this new system will reduce delays, I can’t stress enough how important it is for drivers to know the height of their vehicle and plan ahead to prevent these serious incidents happening in the first place.

“Drivers who chance it at bridges are at risk of losing their licenses and leaving their employers with a hefty bill for repairs and train delay costs, along with a strong threat to their own O-licence.”

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