O-licence application is the first chance to impress, reminds TC Simon Evans

Ashleigh Wight
August 16, 2017


An O-licence application is an operator’s first opportunity to demonstrate to the traffic commissioner (TC) that it can be compliant, TC Simon Evans has reminded hauliers.

The North West TC said the TCs have to be satisfied that an applicant demonstrates an understanding of the O-licence undertakings, and that the O-licence application is a business’s first chance to impress.

He said: “I need to be awake to what the public, other operators, and customers and competitors alike would expect of those permitted to join the industry that they will not blemish or undermine its good name, or abuse the privileges it bestows.

 “Operating commercial vehicles is a significant undertaking. The licensing system exists to keep vehicles safe, make sure drivers are not working whilst tired and promote fair competition in the industry.

He said the TCs and staff at the Office of the Traffic Commissioner scrutinise applications to make sure the standards for operating commercial vehicles are met.  “The information provided on the application form – and in response to further enquiries from the Office of the Traffic Commissioner – is critical to our decision making.

"As gatekeepers to the industry, it’s our responsibility to be satisfied that people granted entry to the licensing system are committed to road safety and fair competition.”

“Incomplete applications are also a barrier to entry for many businesses. If an applicant cannot provide the mandatory information that we need to grant a licence, then it has to be refused.”

Evans issued the reminder after he refused to grant a restricted PSV licence to an applicant who had not thought his application through.

Oldham-based Ozayr Asghar had not provided evidence to prove that running PSVs would not be his main occupation, and failed to submit other evidence despite being given the opportunity and time to do so.


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