Repute retained after operator’s wake-up call

Chris Tindall
April 28, 2021

A Kettering construction waste operator that displayed a “passionate commitment to compliance” has had its licence suspended for 14 days after a DVSA investigation uncovered a host of failings.

Storefield Aggregates appeared at a Cambridge public inquiry before TC Richard Turfitt after one of its vehicles was issued with an S-marked prohibition for a worn out tyre tread. A subsequent DVSA investigation found that the company’s pro-forma inspection records did not have a section for tyre tread depths and inspections did not record tyre pressures. In addition, its records showed brakes being adjusted and a Tapley brake test carried out, but no roller brake tests other than at annual test; no wheel retorque log; drivers defect reports did not appear to be completed and a high prohibition rate.

However, directors Douglas Wright and Jonah Clarke, who is also transport manager, were able to demonstrate a significant number of improvements introduced within the business, which Turfitt said “weigh heavily in the balance”.

In a written decision, the TC credited the operator for recognising elements of the operation required improved risk management, as well as for continuing to maintain its fleet of 16 HGVs during the lockdown. As a result, he found that the operator and transport manager’s repute was tarnished, not lost, but as a deterrent action the licence was suspended for two weeks.

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