Revocation following plant hire firm’s ‘no-show’.

Chris Tindall
November 26, 2020

A Basildon operator who failed to demonstrate financial standing and then wasted tribunal time by not appearing at a public inquiry has had her licence revoked.

Julia Oliver, trading as Nancy Black Plant Hire, indicated that she would appear at the Cambridge PI after concerns were raised over bank statements she submitted to show she had the required level of finance for two HGVs and two trailers.

According to the traffic commissioner for the Eastern region, the statements showed that the three month average did not meet the required sum.

The closing balance did exceed the amount, but the TC noted that it was only as a result of a recent deposit.

Shortly before the PI, the operator emailed the TC’s office claiming she had surrendered the licence, although there was no evidence the required forms were completed or lodged.

Oliver then failed to attend the PI.

In a written decision, the TC said: “Last minute communications refer to a potential surrender.

“The operator failed to provide clarification or to return the relevant documentation so I have been unable to accept surrender.

“There has been a resultant waste of tribunal time.”

The TC added that undertakings were breached, but in the absence of enforcement or annual test history, he would not remove her fitness.

“Her conduct has tarnished that,” he added, revoking the licence.

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