RHA backs DVSA's new historic offences power; calls for more lorry parking

George Barrow
February 7, 2018


The RHA has come out in support of the DVSA’s new powers to issue on the spot fines for historic drivers' hours offences but reiterated that there remains an urgent need for lorry parking areas.

As of the start of this month (1 February) DVSA has the ability to issue fixed penalties for offences that took place in the previous 28 days.

The offences covered include drivers hours offences and any breaches to the weekly rest rules.

Examiners are able to issue on-the-spot fines of £300 for up to five drivers’ hours offences in the previous 28 day period. This means that any one driver could face a total fine of £1,500 for historical offences.

The potential fines will apply to both UK and foreign HGV drivers and will cover offences committed both at home and abroad.

Non-UK drivers must pay their fine before continuing their journey and will have their vehicle immobilised until they pay.

Despite having the power to do so, DVSA has said it will not start issuing fines at the roadside until 5 March.

Richard Burnett, chief executive of the RHA, said: “We welcome enforcement that increases road safety and ensures drivers get their rest breaks.

“And it will certainly help DVSA get a grip on drivers who’ve crossed into the UK having driven long distances without sufficient breaks before they’ve got here.”

Burnett added: “Whilst we support action against firms who deliberately flout drivers’ hours rules, we also call on the government to address the urgent need for more lorry parking areas so that drivers have somewhere secure to rest.”


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