RHA says London mayor closing the capital for business with early ULEZ start

George Barrow
November 3, 2017


The RHA has accused London’s mayor of effectively closing the capital for business, after he decided to push ahead with an early implementation of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ).

London mayor Sadiq Khan confirmed today that 8 April 2019 would mark the start of the ULEZ in central London. This is seventeen months earlier than originally envisioned.

In response, RHA chief executive Richard Burnett said: “The mayor and TFL have ignored our advice and will now bring the central London ULEZ in 17 months early. 

“This flies in the face of common sense, and our consultation response. Since the early introduction of the ULEZ was first proposed we have pushed hard for a phased approach that will improve air quality and maintain the economy of London.

“We are concerned that the ULEZ charge will cost many hauliers £100 per day, and that’s in addition to the other charges they already pay. More than half the GB lorry fleet will not be Euro-6 when the ULEZ is introduced,” said Burnett, who added that the early start date was a cash grab to fund other projects in the city.

Bringing the date forward by 17 months is little more than a means of quickly bringing in revenue to cover the mayor’s other plans for the city.”

The RHA said that the measures will mean that all trucks registered before 2014 face heavy fines. It added that Euro-5 lorries that will be just 5 to 9 years old when ULEZ comes in should have been excluded.

The ULEZ will replace the T-Charge, which went live in London last week.

For more details see, Mayor confirms Ultra Low Emission Zone will start in April 2019 on Freight in the City.

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