Risk of non-delivery claims

Carol Millett
March 23, 2020



As rising numbers of customers refuse to sign Proof of Delivery (POD) tablets due to coronavirus concerns, operators could be left exposed to future non-delivery claims, the RHA has warned.

The warning comes as increasing numbers of operators report that drivers are being met at point of delivery by customers concerned about the dangers of signing for parcels on PODs that may have been handled by dozens of other customers during the driver’s rounds.

In an advice note the RHA said: “We have had a number of enquiries from operators who are experiencing challenges at the point of delivery with customers who are concerned and reluctant to sign Proof of Delivery documents/tablets due to concerns that they may contract the coronavirus through cross contamination of the electronic pad or paperwork.

“This potentially leaves operators exposed to future claims for short or non-delivery of the goods and therefore non-payment and/or claims in respect of failure to perform their contractual obligations.

“Given the circumstances and the importance of obtaining PoD, operators should seek to offer several proactive solutions to alleviate customer concerns while ensuring that a record is kept demonstrating the goods were delivered in accordance with the contract.”

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• Email confirmation

The customer agrees to acknowledge the delivery by email when it arrives. The email should be sent by the customer while the driver is on site and the driver must be satisfied it has been sent before leaving by either checking the customer’s sent account or accessing the operator’s POD account.

• Customer prepared POD

If the customer is uncomfortable signing the PoD then the driver could invite the customer to prepare a handwritten PoD slip and sign the slip which should contain all essential information including confirmation of receipt of the goods.

• Photographic Evidence

The driver could take a photograph of the customer with the product where possible, or a photo of the product delivered at the customer’s premises. Consent should be obtained, and customers should be informed that the photograph would be deleted once email confirmation of safe receipt has been received.

• Electronic Signature Pads

All drivers should carry hand sanitiser and anti-bacterial wipes with them at all times so that they can reassure the customer that they are taking all necessary measures and precautions to prevent the spread of the virus. Customers could also be given the option to wipe down the pads themselves prior to signing. Operators could also check with technology suppliers whether the pads have alternative ways of evidencing delivery.

The RHA advice note acknowledges that “none of the solutions fully replace the PoD forms but in uncertain times, something is better than nothing and these alternatives would certainly provide some form of evidence that goods were delivered in accordance with the contract.”

It also recommends that drivers are trained in the new processes.

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