Scaffolder banned for two years after running untaxed and untested truck

Ashleigh Wight
November 22, 2017


A scaffolder that ran a vehicle without a valid MoT or Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) has been banned from the industry for two years.

Tim Blackmore, traffic commissioner (TC) for the North East (pictured), said that Blaydon-on-Tyne-based Craig Scott, who traded as CS Scaffolding, had little regard for the O-licensing requirements and had no desire to comply with the law.

Scott came to the TC’s attention after a roadside check in Newcastle last year resulted in four prohibitions being issued. It had been used for almost a year without an MoT or VED payment.

The vehicle had formerly failed an MoT for a number of brake-related faults, and the maintenance provider named on his O-licence had not been used for preventative maintenance inspections. The TC noted that there was no evidence of brake performance testing since the MoT was failed, which he described as a “direct road safety concern”.

He also failed to attend interviews with DVSA examiners on two occasions, and failed to attend a public inquiry (PI) in September.

No evidence of financial standing was provided to the TC and no maintenance documentation or drivers’ hours documentation was supplied.

Scott allowed his O-licence to elapse on 31 October, but the TC decided to revive it this month in order to take regulatory action. He revoked the licence and banned Scott from running HGVs for two years, stating that any future application would have to be referred to a TC.

“I am clear that he has neither the knowledge or desire to comply in the future; this strikes at the heart of the principles of road safety and fair competition on which the operator licensing system is founded,” Blackmore said.

The vehicle remained untaxed and without an MoT earlier this month, and the TC said it was unclear whether it was still in use.



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