Scaffolder’s licence curtailed for breaches of undertakings

Chris Tindall
July 27, 2021

A Plymouth operator whose preventative maintenance and driver defect reporting was “completely unmanaged” has escaped revocation after it made attempts to correct the situation.

However, Nexus Scaffolding had its licence curtailed from eight vehicles to four and must accept a list of undertakings if it is to avoid being recalled to a future public inquiry. DVSA investigations into the firm found that it did not have a system in place to monitor and manage working time and the operator did not appear to understand the requirements.

Reported driver defect rectifications were not being acted on; odometer readings were not always being recorded, maintenance records were not supplied; numerous records did not show that a roller brake test was being conducted and PMI frequency was being stretched.

Sole director Paul Bray told TC Kevin Rooney that the business had been closed by Covid-19 and use of the vehicles was ad-hoc, as was maintenance. However, he said that he now had a planned schedule. Among a host of changes, every inspection now included a roller brake test and PMI sheets were regularly being checked. All drivers reported to the office at 7am and they were briefed on the day’s work before carrying out walk-round checks.

The TC said undertakings given when the licence was granted had been breached, but he was willing to allow authority to continue, albeit with a licence cut and undertakings, which included JAUPT-accredited driver training; a consultant brought in to monitor vehicle compliance processes and an audit carried out.

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