Southport operator's licence application refused

Chris Tindall
September 26, 2019

A Southport operator has had his licence application for two lorries refused after the traffic commissioner found there had been “a blatant and unlawful use of large goods vehicles.”

NGS Scaffolding was called to a Golborne public inquiry after concerns were raised about discrepancies in its application forms, the suitability of the proposed operating centre and earlier applications which were subsequently refused or withdrawn.

Director Wayne Wallace told North West TC Simon Evans that he was unaware his first application for a licence, in April 2017, had been refused.

Wallace admitted that administration was not his strength and that he might not have read the application form properly before signing it.

However, the TC noted that it appeared in the application and from photographs that two HGVs were being used without any licence authority.

TC Evans acknowledged that Wallace had been transparent with his answers and there had been no serious attempt to hide unlawful use of vehicles.

But the use of lorries without a licence was a serious matter: “I would not be doing my duty if I were to allow an operator which has manifestly breached the rules to be allowed to enter the regulated industry, without first showing me that there is a likelihood of future compliance by demonstrating during the application process that it will comply by the rules,” he said in a written decision.

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