TC calls for audit before regulatory action taken

Chris Tindall
September 30, 2022

A Radlett-based waste management firm has been warned it could face regulatory action if an audit of its compliance systems uncovers continuing shortcomings, following a preliminary hearing before a traffic commissioner (TC).

Hornbees Waste Management appeared before senior TC Richard Turfitt at a Cambridge hearing so that he could determine whether it was necessary to call it back to a full public inquiry (PI).

One of its vehicles had attracted an S-marked prohibition notice after the tyre tread was found to be below the legal limit.

STC Turfitt also noted that the business had attracted three immediate prohibition notices out of 12 roadside encounters since 2018 and a subsequent DVSA maintenance investigation was marked as unsatisfactory.

Issues raised by the investigation included one of its directors, Sam Davies, not being added to the licence; no evidence of driver training for both sheeting and load security; no monitoring of emissions systems; and no system for monitoring tyre age.

Both Sam and fellow director Peter Davies responded to the report outlining the improvements they were making, but Turfitt noted that reporting and rectification errors were still creeping in.

However, he accepted an undertaking that the operator, which holds a licence for six HGVs, would arrange an independent audit to assess the systems for complying with its licence requirements: “The operator and transport manager were formally warned about the potential impact for regulatory action should these shortcomings continue,” he said. “Repute is tarnished by my findings.”

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