TC clashes with Titan at Eastbourne hearing

Chris Tindall
October 9, 2022

An east London restricted operator “more likely than not” acted as a front for two firms whose licences had either been revoked or refused, according to a deputy traffic commissioner (TC). Titan Plant appeared at an Eastbourne public inquiry (PI) after failing to demonstrate financial standing and amid suspicions it was continuing the work of BK Plant, which had its licence revoked in October 2020. Titan director Elion Lacaj told deputy TC John Baker that he had bought the muckaway and plant transport business from former director Michael Livesey, but he was unsure how much he had purchased it for or how he had paid for it.

In his written decision, Baker said he did not accept his memory would have faded to the extent he would have forgotten these details as the transaction had taken place comparatively recently. “The registered keepers of the vehicles being used by the operator are BK Plant and Orbital Plant Services,” he said. “These companies have had licences revoked or refused and Mr Lacaj told me that he had driven for both companies in the past. I believe that it is more likely than not that this operator’s licence is being used by those companies to carry out their work requiring a licence.”

As a result, he revoked Titan’s licence and disqualified Lacaj for a year.

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