TC was right to disqualify transport manager

Chris Tindall
January 19, 2023

A transport manager who was kicked out of the industry indefinitely has failed in his attempt to change the rehabilitation measures ordered by a traffic commissioner. David Donald was disqualified last year after a maintenance investigation into a haulier he was transport manager for was marked as unsatisfactory in respect of vehicle maintenance issues. Following a public inquiry (PI) in Leeds, the TC said there was no evidence Donald had taken any professional development training since he passed his CPC exam in 1997. As a result, the TC said that if he wished to return to the industry in the future then he must resit and pass the CPC qualification again. The transport manager appealed this decision and requested that he should take refresher training instead of sitting the CPC.

In its decision, the appeal tribunal said Donald had acknowledged that he had failed in his duties as a transport manager and that he had remained employed at the haulage firm even after recognising it had paid little attention to his recommendations. The tribunal also said the TC had ample material to justify the disqualification. “As to the rehabilitative measure imposed being the requirement to pass the CPC examination, we are of the view that it was fair and appropriate,” it added.

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