TCs recognise ‘vital’ work of hauliers

Chris Tindall
May 25, 2020

Traffic Commissioners (TCs) have applauded the work of key workers in the haulage industry who have contributed to national efforts to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

TCs said they wanted to recognise the “often-unheralded” work that hauliers and drivers have played in transporting goods and supplies. In a statement, they wrote: “They are the lifeblood of this country, vital to our economy and the citizens who rely on them. Hauliers transport the food we buy in supermarkets, medicines for shops, pharmacies and hospitals, and medical supplies for use both in the home and in a clinical setting.”

The statement added: “It is in large part thanks to the efforts of operators and drivers that we can continue to function as a country. We appreciate that these are difficult times for many operators. The future can look uncertain but we can help you to mitigate against some of the regulatory challenges.”

The senior TC has recently published advice for operators on the way TCs will carry out their regulatory duties during the Covid-19 outbreak, as well as contingency and emergency planning measures that they have adopted. The advice includes details on financial standing, vehicle maintenance and licence undertakings.

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