Toll boxes specially designed for HGVs

George Barrow
June 5, 2018

The growth of the transport industry in the last few years has been remarkable in terms of importing and exporting goods. The influx of HGVs using the motorways has become a real political and economic topic. This is due to many influences, including maintenance, infrastructure, financing and environmental standards. In some countries a toll system and tax system has been put in place to recover some of the costs imposed by these factors.

Our market is constantly changing as well as European regulations. AS 24 supports and understands the challenges and issues transport companies and drivers can face on the road. The road congestion, security and complexity of fleet management link to the particularities of each European country have been identified as main issues needed innovative solutions.

The company has launched a new PASSango toll box which relies on a transponder which sensor is automatically detected by the electronic toll booth, allowing a quick and safe transit through the toll systems and high roads. This versatile box combines different toll technologies offering several countries in the same box, perfect solution for those who have to manage European activity.  Moreover, the Europilot option offering glocalization gives a facility in term of fleet management by monitoring the costs link to the mobility, managing and optimising them.  Both boxes simplify the transition of carriers to the toll stations, in France and Europe, by always guaranteeing them access to maximum discounts of the motorway companies.

The integration of Viapass into the existing offer was a step forward and essential for consumers.  This year, AS 24 is working hard to expand the geographical scope of this offering throughout Europe: after the integration of Belgium which has been operational since the last quarter of 2017 the improvement will be followed by Austria soon and Germany in 2019. 

Currently AS 24 offers 2 different solutions both having European scoop:

  • The PASSango offer facilitates the management of tolls throughout Europe. It adapts to the geographical perimeter of each customer (FR, PL, ES, BEL, UK...).
  • The AS 24 Eurotrafic card gives access to tolls and station networks in Europe and facilitates the payment of foreign taxes in 17 countries.

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