Traffic commissioner curbs monkey business

Chris Tindall
June 26, 2019

A Stockport operator has had its licence revoked after traffic commissioner (TC) Simon Evans (pictured) concluded it was “more likely than not” it was operating as a front for two disqualified directors.

The TC said JA & PN, which traded as Monkey Scaffolding, could not be trusted and that there were “links of significance” with Peter and Nicola Lightfoot, who had been disqualified in 2017 for three and a half years and two and a half years respectively in respect of misconduct as directors of Burnley Roofing Contractors.

At a Golborne public inquiry, Monkey’s director Joseph Bradley admitted he had at first lied that the ‘PN’ in ‘JA & PN’ was “just made up” and that it stood for Peter and Nicola; there was a plan for them to be involved but they dropped out.

TC Evans also found that the company did not meet the necessary levels of financial standing for two HGVs.

The TC said the company was disqualified from holding an O-licence for three years.

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