UK drivers working for EU companies told to exchange qualification before October 31st

Chris Tindall
September 13, 2019

Drivers who work for EU companies and have a UK Driver CPC qualification have been told to consider exchanging it before 31 October, so that they can work for British or continental firms after Brexit.

The DVSA said exchanging the qualification for an EU one will enable HGV drivers to retain the ability to work for EU and UK hauliers, but it must be done “as soon as possible”.

In guidance issued in order to explain how to prepare for Brexit in the event of a no-deal scenario, the DVSA said drivers will still need the Driver CPC and they must also complete their periodic training.

However, drivers don’t need to do anything else if they’re a UK driver working for a UK company.

If they work for an EU haulier and hold a UK Driver CPC qualification, then they should consider exchanging it.

“The way you do this will depend on how the country where you live and work recognises Driver CPC,” it said.

“Some countries use a Driver CPC card like the UK does - this is sometimes called a driver qualification card.

“[Some countries] add code 95 to the driving licence.

“Some countries recognise either method.”

The DVSA also warned that British passports may need to be renewed earlier if drivers are travelling after a no-deal Brexit and that they’ll also need to carry a green card as proof of motor insurance.

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