Unmarked police HGVs on M25 patrol

Chris Tindall
December 24, 2022

Police forces in the South East have been cracking down on driving offences on the M25, with officers relying on unmarked HGVs to patrol the orbital motorway.
The two-week operation also saw the DVSA carry out vital safety checks on lorries and vans for road worthiness, secure loads, weight, and drivers’ hours issues to help keep drivers safe.

The so-called HGV ‘supercabs’, which are funded by National Highways, allow police officers to film evidence of unsafe driving behaviour by pulling up alongside vehicles and drivers are then pulled over by police cars following a short distance behind. The cabs have de-restricted speed limiters, which means they can travel at speeds up to the national speed limit, and have flashing lights for use in an emergency.

Footage of a trucker travelling along the M4 while holding two mobile phones up, one to each ear, was released to highlight the dangers of driver distractions. This was one of more than 31,000 offences that have been recorded by officers since the national safety initiative was launched by National Highways.

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