Walk-around checks should be incentivised to avoid complacency

Ashleigh Wight
May 10, 2017


Hauliers have been urged to consider taking disciplinary action against drivers who do not complete their walk-around checks effectively.

To avoid complacency, fleet software firm FleetCheck said operators need to adopt strategies to keep walk-around checks interesting, such as introducing incentives.

It suggested using email or social media to remind drivers why it is important to carry out such checks, and the safety issues that arise if they are not completed to the required standard.

The company has developed a vehicle check app for HGVs and vans, which gives operators the ability to schedule, carry out, confirm, follow up and audit daily walk-around checks and formal weekly or monthly checks.

MD Peter Golding said: “What these checks have in common is that they are prone to complacency over time; that drivers start to tick the boxes without looking properly at the areas they are supposed to be inspecting. It’s simply a case of overfamiliarity – a very human problem.

“You need to underline from a corporate point of view that these checks are part of the responsibilities of each driver and that you take them seriously. Failing to carry them out should be a disciplinary offence, and there should be an audit system.”

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