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Crossroads adds Nissan light CV to the line up

  Laurie Dealer, when not being charged £172 for a new wing mirror, enjoys other pursuits too. Like Block Exemption and how it has freed up the industry, to some extent anyways, to broadening its horizons.

Old truck makers, number 1: Thrifty Bespoke Lorries Ltd. (1921-1924)

  Laurie Dealer is always on the look out for the rare and when a funnel turned up in a dredger just of the Dorset coast it reminded Laurie Dealer of an old engineer, who was willing to try and build anything...on the cheap.  Manufacturer: Thrifty Bespoke Lorries Ltd, West Coker, Som. Timespan: 1921-1924

Malcolm Harrison to sell off George Taylor fleet

It's the end of an era as haulier George Taylor closes its doors. Laurie Dealer will be of many potential buyers attending the sale of vehicle from Bristol haulier George Taylor, as it closes its doors after more than 100 years of trading.

The Vehicle Remarketing Association wants YOU...

  That's right, all you people in the light CV market, the Vehicle Remarketing Association wants you to help set up its commercial vehicle division. This message is officially endorsed by Laurie Dealer.