Examine all things MAN from their Fleet Management Suite to their Financial Services


Our CM Special offers a look into MAN’s telematics solutions, along with case studies of their users. It also features a look at the TGX’s new interior, MAN’s second-generation SCR-only D08 Euro-6 engine, and financing options offered by the company.

We begin by exploring MAN’s telematics solution consisting of MAN Check, MAN Ecostyle and MAN Track, which represent its diagnostics, driver performance and tracking products. These will be extended to all new vehicles.


“For the next 12 months we will be focusing on our proactive vehicle health services, which will be a game changer for operators” Dave Cussans, UK truck sales director, MAN


We then take a look at real world users of the Fleet Management suite, with Lockwood Haulage, Bibby Distribution and John Mitchell. These companies tell us about the measurable improvements they have seen in fuel economy and accident rates since they started using MAN telematics.


“We’ve used MAN telematics for approximately five years now… we quickly realised that we could use it to improve our drivers’ driving styles as well as our fuel efficiency and competitiveness.” Wayne Evans, operations director, Lockwood Haulage


From there we delve into the updated cab of the MAN TGX with more floor space, easier-to-use controls and better soundproofing. Then onto MAN’s second-generation SCR-only D08 Euro-6 engine, which is lighter and more frugal than its predecessor.

We round off the CM Special with an examination of MAN Financial Services, and what makes their manufacturer-led finance market leading, with 67% penetration rate for new trucks and 62% for used.

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