Find out how after over 50 years in operation Stuarts Truck and Bus continue to be recognised for excellence


After being named Dealer of the Year 2018 at the Volvo Truck Dealer Awards, we take a look back at the Stuart family’s 50-year association with Volvo Trucks.

The arrival of the first Volvo F88 tractor unit to the UK in 1968, along with the first double-decker livestock trailer for full-sized cattle, revolutionised Stuarts Truck & Bus, which started more than 20 years earlier. More Volvo trucks followed in that F88’s tyre tracks and in 1977, Roy and Ross Stuart were approached by Volvo Trucks UK to step in as a temporary dealer, for three months. Now, 41 years later, Stuarts Truck & Bus continues to provide a range of dealerpoint services for Volvo Trucks customers in Devon and Cornwall from three state-of-the-art premises in Exeter, Plymouth and Victoria.


“The family has always worked with the ethos that nothing stays the same, and vision is required to progress change” Ross Stuart, Director, Stuarts Truck and Bus


“That factor has been key to driving growth within our Volvo Truck dealership since 1977" says Stuart. "With three generations of Stuarts now employed in a variety of roles across our businesses, the same philosophy will continue to be applied with use of the latest technologies to maximise efficiencies and deliver unparalleled levels of customer service”.

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