Find out how Hireco expanded from trailer rental to much much more


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Find out how Hireco came from humble beginnings to become the UK’s biggest trailer buyer. Group MD James Smith charts the firm’s history on page 4.

Sales Director Tim Gibson explains why younger is better for the firm's trailers on page 5. The company’s bread and butter has always been – and still is – its trailer contract hire. It remains the biggest trailer buyer in the UK and sports a gargantuan fleet in the region of 6,500 units, which are replaced regularly. On page 8, sales MD Paul Jackson explains why the plain blue look of the vast majority of their used trailers is a winner with customers.


“It’s a high-volume, high-turnover business in terms of assets. Anything over three years, if it’s not on a contract, is for sale.” Tim Gibson, sales director, Hireco


In September 2018 the firm announced its move into truck rental. Its intention is to “just do what we’ve done with trailers with trucks” according to director of contracts, Michael Williams. This means absorbing all the difficult bits and making life as easy as possible for customers who were expressing interest before Hireco had even placed orders for its first vehicles. You can find out more about this latest venture on pages 6 and 7.

Director of Servico, Aaron Hunter explains how the company’s service and maintenance division is broadening its reach to operators across the country on page 9.

Finance director Tim McCarthy describes how partnerships with funders, ex-banking staff in the finance team and understanding business funding make the finance division a one-stop-shop for any kind of commercial funding, on page 10.


“We’ve moved into any type of commercial equipment – so it’s not just trucks and trailers but really wide-ranging assets, such as tippers, tugs and shunters” Tim McCarthy, finance director, Hireco


Hireco’s mission to clean up the image of truckstops is documented on page 11. The company opened its new 5-acre truck park at London Gateway in August 2018. The park is kitted out with a multitude of modern amenities, including male, female and disabled toilets, shower and shaving facilities, as well as plans to add AdBlue and tyre pressure top-up facilities and Wi-Fi throughout the premises that can be accessed in cabs. The park also has its own restaurant - Marlon’s Bistro On The Port offers a range of top-quality healthy meals and snacks.

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