Plan for future Euro standards by looking at the progress made so far in this emissions special


Emissions have dropped dramatically since the introduction of Euro-1 in 1992. But what does the future hold?

Since the introduction of Euro-1 standards in 1992, there has been much talk within the road transport industry about emissions. Now, almost 30 years later, it seems an appropriate time to take an overview of the progress made so far and what the future might look like. Over the course of this CM Special Martin Flach uses his four decades of industry experience, gained with both IVECO and Ford, to bring some clarity to the subject.

This special is split into 4 sections, find out what each section is about below:


Emission Possible

This first section looks at the difference between local air quality and global warming emissions, light vs heavy duty emissions regulations and truck CO2 emissions.

The Power and the Glory

The second section examines the challenges of using electric power with heavier vehicles, as well as the range of hybrid options available.

How Low can we go?

Here we discover what other low-carbon alternatives to diesel there are available. These include hydrogen, natural gas, biodiesels and synthetic fuels.

Taking a Leap of Faith

Finally we focus on the experiences of John Lewis Partnership and Gnewt Cargo, who are already running alternatively fuelled vehicles in their fleets.


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