Use our buying guide to discover 12 companies currently excelling in their field


Read about 12 companies currently excelling in their field, with our buying guide. Click on the names below for more information about each company, or download the full guide by clicking here.

Technopoly Accelerator

Technopoly’s Accelerator fleet and workshop software allows you to manage your fleet’s documents and other data from one place.

AS 24

The PASSango toll box from AS 24 offers swift and seamless transit across much of Europe enabling toll collection, secure parking and more.

Asset Alliance Group

In addition to supplying vehicles, Asset Alliance Group offers flexible finance options which it lends from its own funds.

Brigade Electronics UK

Brigade Electronics UK advises on how fleet managers can ensure their vehicles comply with Direct Vision Standards.

Close Brothers Asset Finance

John Fawcett, CEO, transport division, Close Brothers Asset Finance, takes time out to demystify asset finance for the transport sector.


Specialising in distributing trailer steering systems, IMS has broadened its product range following demand from operators running in tight city streets.

MAN Truck & Bus UK

MAN Truck & Bus UK has an extensive product range, from the 3-tonne TGE van through to 250-tonne 8x4 heavy haulage TGX tractors.


Merridale specialises in fuel pumps and management software which can be configured to suit the needs of any business.

Premier Pits

Premier Pits has installed 4,000 prefabricated steel pits and offers a consultancy-style service beyond building and fitment.

Renault Trucks

If it’s an out-of-the-box, bodied construction vehicle you’re after, then Renault Trucks’ Ready for Business range is just the option for you.


Harness VisionTrack’s camera and recording systems and you have the opportunity to run a safer fleet and cut your insurance costs.

Crick Trailer Sales

Crick Trailer Sales’ sliding bogie tipper trailer offers a 50% greater payload than a rigid while also cutting pollution, traffic and costs.