HVO available from more UK Fuels sites

Colin Barnett
August 9, 2023


UK Fuels is extending the availability of HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) from its network, as the number of operators committing to using the CO2-reducing fuel increase weekly. UK Fuels is currently providing the renewable fuel at 11 of its accessible truckstops in England, and another just across the border in Scotland. However, fuel card supplier, Radius, which operates the UK Fuels network, has confirmed that it plans to increase this number to around 50 outlets by the end of this year.
Furthermore, the collaboration with partners across the UK will enable Radius to unveil additional HVO locations in forthcoming customer network updates. This expansion also includes catering to customers with their own bulk storage tanks, enabling them to refill sustainably at their own facilities.
HVO, a renewable diesel substitute derived solely from waste products, is gaining traction due to its minimal environmental impact. The inclusion of HVO in the fuel offerings empowers Radius customers to significantly slash greenhouse gas emissions, potentially up to 90%.
Radius MD, UK and Ireland, Jonathan Haseler, said "This new HVO network further extends our environmentally friendly product offering as businesses transition to a greener fuel solution." He added that the company's array of sustainable offerings, including the recent partnership with Element 2, the carbon offset program Radius Future, and hybrid EV charge cards, reinforces Radius' unwavering support for its customers' sustainability goals.
This HVO expansion complements the partnership with Element 2, a prominent UK hydrogen infrastructure firm. The collaboration between the two companies aims to establish an extensive network of hydrogen refuelling options across the UK Fuels network.
Up-to-date details of HVO availability can be found on the e-route site locator.

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