All your questions about drivers’ hours but were afraid to ask – answered anonymously by DVSA

Will Shiers
March 9, 2020

The DVSA is to launch a campaign to remind HGV drivers and operators of the regulations around driving time and rests, and to encourage them to stick to the rules.

Mark Horton, DVSA enforcement policy manager, said: “HGV drivers do a vital job in often difficult circumstances. We know it’s not always easy to comply with the rules on breaks and rests, but they are there for a reason – to help keep our roads safer for everyone.

“That’s why it’s so important to plan journeys and keep proper records, and why our examiners check that drivers are sticking to the rules. While the main rules are not complicated, some details are less well understood and can lead to common mistakes. The first step in sticking to the rules is to make sure you know and understand them.”

As part of its campaign, the DVSA is offering operators and drivers the opportunity to pose all the questions they are afraid to ask and get them answered officially but anonymously.

How often should driver and vehicle tacho data be downloaded? Do operators need to be concerned if an agency driver is using different cards to work for multiple companies? Is a 15-minute break in the first six hours driving sufficient rest and drivers do not then need to take a 30-minute break?

These and many other questions can be put to the DVSA for a definitive answer without giving your name or company.

If you have a tricky question on drivers' hours email it to and we will pass it along to the DVSA in confidence. Questions and answers will be published to help every operator understand the agency's approach to enforcing the rules.

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