BOC claims its FORS membership has helped it to attract new business

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June 21, 2023


BOC has emphasised the significant role of its ongoing accreditation with the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) in attracting new business opportunities and retaining customers.

As the largest industrial gases business in the UK and Ireland, BOC says it has successfully enhanced its logistics operations since obtaining FORS accreditation in 2017, enabling the Linde company to provide safer, more sustainable, and efficient services to its clients.

Clare Yearsley, business improvement manager for service and training at BOC, highlighted the importance of FORS accreditation in assuring customers of the company's commitment to best practices. She said: "Our customers need to know that we will deliver on our safety and legislative obligations and that we are working hard to reduce our environmental impact. Put simply, FORS gives us and our customers peace of mind, so it is an absolute business need."

Yearsley explained that FORS accreditation is increasingly becoming a requirement in contracts during the tender and re-tender process, not limited to London. And that BOC's dedication to FORS strengthens its sales teams' interactions with potential and new customers, demonstrating the company's alignment with industry standards and values. She also explained that FORS accreditation has played a crucial role in shaping BOC's internal standards, policies, and procedures, influencing positive operational changes and improvements.

BOC currently holds Bronze level accreditation for its entire fleet, consisting of 541 vehicles (including the DAF LF pictured), with some strategic locations boasting Silver accreditation.

"Ultimately, aligning our business with the standards and requirements of FORS enables our teams to identify areas for improvement and shape operational change," Yearsley stated. “We look forward to continuing our relationship with FORS in the future”.

FORS is an international voluntary accreditation scheme that focuses on improving operators' performance.

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