Heavy Renaults get dash and safety upgrades

Colin Barnett
July 11, 2023


Renault Trucks has introduced a package of updates for its heavy-duty truck ranges. The changes, which are available on T, T High, C and K models, including the E-Tech electric derivatives of the T and C, bring improvements in two main areas, the driver interface and safety systems.
Starting with safety aids, a new camera system gives all-round visibility, and has the option of a fifth camera which can be set up to provide functions such as monitoring the load space or the fifth-wheel during coupling. A new speed warning system, Intelligent Speed Assist (ISA), uses a camera to detect the prevailing speed limit, and issues a warning when it’s exceeded, and a tyre pressure monitoring and warning system is fitted.
The improvements are best experienced from the driving seat, which itself enjoys a greater choice of textile or leather materials. The steering wheel, which can also be trimmed in leather, retains Renault’s comprehensive multi-functional abilities, but is now mounted on a three-axis column, providing a greater range of adjustability, operated by a foot pedal.
The most noticeable change is the new dual-screen digital display system. The main instrument panel is now a 12”, display which continues to offer Renault’s already comprehensive range of functionality but in an improved digital form. A secondary display, which has a more integrated design than the previous Roadpad+ unit, provides access to infotainment and fleet management functions, as well as navigation and the various camera inputs. It also includes connectivity to the Android Auto smartphone mirroring system, but not to the more widespread Apple Car Play platform. An inductive wireless phone charger is now available. The secondary panel is a touch screen design, while both panels are operable by the steering wheel controls.
The dash is trimmed in charcoal grey or black and red, according to version, while E-Tech electric models have a distinctive blue and red finish.


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