Knowles takes its first electric truck

Colin Barnett
June 5, 2023

March, Cambridgeshire-based haulier Knowles Transport has made a significant leap forward in its commitment to sustainability by introducing an electric truck into its fleet.

The recently acquired electric truck, a Volvo FE Electric, marks a new chapter for Knowles Transport. The company initially conducted a three-week trial to evaluate the vehicle's viability within its fleet. Encouraging feedback from drivers and resolved concerns about the truck's range during the trial reinforced Knowles Transport's enthusiasm to invest in this ground-breaking 19-tonne vehicle.

The Volvo FE Electric boasts twin electric motors generating an impressive 225kWh and 850Nm torque, complemented by a Volvo 2-speed gearbox. The vehicle's total energy storage capacity is 265kWh, giving it a range of approximately 200km. Configured as a 4×2 23ft curtainsider with tail lift, the FE Electric ensures a smooth ride for both drivers and cargo, thanks to its full air suspension system.

Alex Knowles, managing director of Knowles Transport, expressed his pride in the company's forward-thinking approach, stating, "This is Knowles putting our money where our mouth is. There are plenty out there marketing their sustainability credentials without backing it up with investment, but Knowles is not one of them. We are really excited about this step into the future we are making with our new Volvo FE Electric, All the drivers in our fleet were keen to take part in our three-week trial earlier this year. This new electric truck will be the first of many for Knowles as we push forward on our road to net zero.

“The truck will be run on a local collection and delivery schedule due to its size and capabilities. Its short wheelbase (only 5,500mm) and nimble handling make it ideal for urban environments. This along with the electric powertrain means no noise or carbon pollution will occur from the vehicle keeping towns and cities quiet and clean.

“The Volvo FE Electric will provide a perfect urban platform for Knowles, the 200km range of the vehicle makes it limited in its long-range capabilities however it proves ideal for collection and delivery within the region where it will be applied. Our investment in a 150kWh charging unit on the site at which this vehicle is based allows us to charge the vehicle in two hours, making this operable over two shifts if required."

  • Volvo will be exhibiting at this year’s Road Transport Expo, which takes place at Stoneleigh NAEC on June 28-30. It’s FREE to attend, and registrations are now open.


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