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June 13, 2019

Since the creation of their very first fuel card in 1989, AS 24 has offered cashless solutions to the transport and logistics industry

As the world moves towards becoming totally cashless, the transport and logistics industry has no choice but to follow it. There are many advantages to this ongoing change. The ease with which financial transactions can be conducted is perhaps the biggest motivator to go digital, alongside added convenience for consumers, companies and even more for fleet managers.

A range of cashless fuel cards from AS 24

Fuel cards are one of many cashless solutions on offer from AS 24.

Among the fuel card solutions available are the single and double AS 24 cards, which provide secure access to 830 AS 24 stations throughout Europe. The single AS 24 card is assigned to one vehicle or one driver and is said to be particularly useful where the same vehicle-driver combination is maintained. PIN-protected, the single card allows fuelling limits to be set to reduce the risk of misuse. The card facilitates access to automated stations, requiring no human intervention between the pump and invoicing to avoid tampering and add convenience. Also available is the double AS 24 card, suited to situations where a single vehicle is being used by several drivers. Two cards are issued - one vehicle card, which remains in the truck at all times, and one driver card, which is retained by the driver. This allows managers to immediately see on the invoice who refuelled, and with which vehicle.

Furthermore, as the team at AS 24 understand the challenges their clients face on the road, the firm have developed the Eurotrafic card; a single fuel card which facilitates payment not only at sites in the AS 24 network but also partner sites as well. Payment for HGV refuelling is only the tip of the iceberg though; drivers can also access Ad Blue pumps and bottles, truck wash facilities, 24/7 breakdown assistance in 40 European countries and, last but not least, an extensive secure parking network. The Eurotrafic card permits access to 895 stations in the UK and 13,000 sites throughout Europe to maximise customer convenience.

On top of this, the Eurotrafic card can be used to pay for tolls in UK. For example, it allows direct payments of the M6 toll at the toll stations, which lets drivers beat the queues and helps them to reach their destinations on time. Thanks to the Eurotrafic card, drivers can also pay the UK HGV Levy and many tolls on the motorways in 16 additional countries across Europe.

PASSango: a cashless method of toll payment

The PASSango toll box from AS 24 facilitates the convenient payment of tolls for transit throughout Europe. The impressive technology relies on a transponder system, the sensor of which is automatically detected when passing through an electronic toll booth. This allows for simple and cashless transactions through toll systems and high roads. The fees vary depending on the journey, consumption and badge utilisation. AS 24 guarantee their customers will only pay for what they consume with no extra, hidden costs. By facilitating toll payment management as well as expenditure monitoring, the daily tasks and stresses of life as a fleet manager are greatly simplified.

Furthermore, through dialogue with their customers, the team at AS 24 know that drivers like to use PASSango as it gives them assurance that they can access the comfort and safety of secure HGV parks across Europe, without the need to pay for their stay in cash. With tight deadlines the norm for drivers, PASSango also allows them to save time by not having to queue at tolls.

Furthermore, the fact that the PASSango toll box combines a number of different toll technologies facilitating travel through several countries, all in the same box, and adds all recorded transactions into a single invoice per country, is a notable additional benefit.

Finally, PASSango is popular amongst road haulage firms because it offers access to discounts for various highway operators, reducing costs and keeping the operator in control.

AS 24: With you on the road

Whilst using cashless solutions offers improved convenience and accountability, these solutions presents their own set of risks; namely cyber security concerns. This is why AS 24 pays special attention to the security of transactions. AS 24 fuel card technology incorporates EMV chip and pin technology to guarantee a maximum level of security. The fact that all transactions made at every AS 24 site are checked online before being authorised adds another layer of security. The fraud issues that many transport companies experience nowadays is thus minimised.

To underpin and support their customers when using cashless solutions, AS 24 also offer a range of additional services. These include the Info Service option, which provides customers with itemised details of their spending. In addition, the Card Control service allows fuel consumption limits to be set and card activation to be managed. Finally, Card Alert functionality allows fuel consumption and expenses to be closely monitored by the fleet manager.

Keeping up with the pace of technology is essential as the world economy becomes more and more cashless. For the multitude of reasons described, can you afford not to integrate cashless solutions from AS 24 into your operation?

For more information: www.as24.com/en

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