Scania tests megawatt electric truck charger

Commercial Motor
May 19, 2023

Scania has successfully installed and tested a pilot megawatt charging system from ABB E-mobility as part of what it hopes will be a significant step towards high power charging for heavy duty vehicles.

The initial testing, to prove the technical viability of high current charging, is a first important step towards the future megawatt charging system from ABB E-mobility. This will result in the progressive deployment of high-power chargers, starting from 1500A and eventually extending to the full megawatt charging of up to 3000A.

Megawatt charging technology is critical for long haul electric trucks in order to allow the vehicle to recharge during a driver’s 45-minute break.

"We see a momentum for electric transport and our goal is that 50% of all vehicles we sell annually by 2030 are electric. To achieve this goal will require infrastructure and MCS is a crucial piece of the puzzle for the infrastructure going forward," says Fredrik Allard, head of e-mobility at Scania.

Chris Nordh, global head of the fleet & transit business at ABB E-mobility added: "We are delighted to be collaborating with Scania on this milestone pilot, which will set a precedent for the sector and identifies one of the ways we collaboratively approach OEM charging partnerships, effectively verticalizing the technology stack to create great end user experiences.”

"Today is an exciting day and we look forward to many more milestones to come as we further develop a quality, reliable, and seamless charging experience for fleets.”

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