SPONSORED: Broker and fleet cut out claims management company to improve their claims reporting

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December 9, 2022

Breezemount are a Home Delivery company, their aim is to be recognised as the best 2 person delivery service in the UK and Ireland.  With deliveries of over half a million a year and a Trustpilot score of 4.8, they are well on their way to achieving this. 

Romero Insurance Brokers bought their own claims app to use with their wider customer base in 2020 and immediately saw the benefits it could bring to their clients in terms of claims reporting. Claims Director, Jody Thirkell “The process allows for immediate reporting of all the crucial info which assists both the drivers (it’s fresh in their minds) and managers can then proceed with any urgent actions required and log all the data from day one”.

Prior to Breezemount’s relationship with award winning Insurance Broker, Romero’s, they used a third-party company for accident management and FNOL reporting.  Jim Taylor, Head of Fleet: “When the app became available to us from Romero’s it quickly became apparent that we were unnecessarily involving another party in terms of efficiency and cost. The exclusion of the third-party accident management company and the introduction of the app clearly offered an opportunity to work more efficiently with Romero’s & improve the management of our claims experience.”

Breezemount have a fleet of around 100 vehicles, loved the technology but had requirements such as shared vehicles and tablets meaning they needed their own bespoke app.  Romero’s worked with Insure Apps to build a solution to fit their client’s needs.

Less than 4 weeks from the initial meeting, an app was built and delivered, tailored to Breezemount devices and processes.  12 reports were put through the system in the first month, from a scuffed alloy to a claim involving a third party. Straightaway it illustrated how easy it was for drivers to report an incident.  In the following 2 + years the fleet has an overall “day 1” reporting of 89.24%.

The statistics pulled from the app are quite astounding:

  • The average time to report a claim was 7.36 hours
  • 58.38% of reports were reported within the first hour.
  • Witness details captured 44% of the time (industry average is around 10%)

There’s also an average of 4 photographs per report. Jim Taylor highlights “For managers the capture of photographs within the report is invaluable, it assists with effective follow up investigations by the operations team post-accident. The photographs also greatly assist my fleet team in making appropriate decisions on vehicle repairs to minimise fleet downtime.”

The increased speed of reporting and improved quality of information directly impacts on claims costs.

It's quite a brave move to step away from standard reporting methods and using accident management companies.  However, in doing so it’s clear Breezemount, with the help of Insure Apps and Romero’s, have shown that there are alternative ways of reporting claims and taking back control.

Insure Apps have been providing market leading claims app technology to fleets and Insurance Brokers since 2017.

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