Sponsored: How Avail is saving UK haulage companies up to £4,000 per driver

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May 7, 2020

Manchester-based Avail Technologies is revolutionising the logistics industry and largely reducing its clients' driver agency costs. This has come at a much-needed time as the logistics industry has been hit by 40% since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Avail’s CEO Erin Short stated: “The temporary employment industry is currently dominated by the outdated traditional agency model where hauliers are still employing agencies to contract HGV drivers and paying over the odds, and that’s not right. We offer everything a normal agency does and more with a reduced cost."

Avail Technologies has set out to disrupt this by offering hauliers large savings in a time when they will need it most due to the disruption of services caused by the onset of the pandemic.

Short goes on to say: “Using Avail for your agency drivers will 100% make your contracts more profitable, and increase the driver’s wages, so it's a win, win.”

Avail’s technology has previously had notable features by Microsoft for the implementation of the Dynamics 365 and Azure cloud systems in its software. Microsoft Azure is currently being used by the Avail platform for advanced security and to assure compliance with industry regulations.

The disruption of the traditional agency model is what makes Avail innovative and needed in the logistics industry. Its straightforward platform spans across web, app and tablet formats, enabling hauliers to manage their drivers instantly from any device, 24/7. This is point of focus as the current regulations set out by the government surrounding businesses and the movement of individuals are continually changing with the Covid-19 pandemic. Avail’s CEO Erin Short goes on to explain how the platform can help hauliers adapt to current circumstances by the pandemic through the “user ease and friendly functionality of the platform” which is causing hauliers to “move away from traditional agencies to Avail”.

The process to employ temporary drivers is streamlined and transparent using Avail’s platform. Its intelligent algorithms match HGV drivers to jobs based upon the haulier’s preferences and requirements. A selection of drivers are then provided, detailing their driving experience and Avail star rating. Once selected, the driver completes the job, after which the haulier rates the driver and has the option to favourite the driver for repeat employment.

Through the reduction of the high fees paid to traditional agencies, hauliers can save on average £4,000 per temporary driver a year. This is a large saving to hauliers affected by Covid-19, as it will free up resources to be used on developing their fleet as well as paying drivers a higher rate than agencies if they see fit.

Avail’s redefining of the temporary job market has come at a much-needed time as its charges are clear and the software easy to use. Avail is currently offering its services with an introductory free trial day for all hauliers whether they are suffering losses due to Covid-19 or not.

Avail’s previous clients had this to say about its free trial:

“I thought I’d give it a go as it was a free day’s work, it’s been spot on, easy for me to set it up and organise everything.”

“Using the app was quick enough and it saved me £400 on 1 driver last month in agency fees, so I can’t complain.”

Avail’s disruptive tech overall is the support the logistics industry needs right now, as hauliers are starting to feel the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

For more information on how Avail can reduce your costs visit availhub.com/hauliers

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