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November 23, 2016

Scania’s new generation of vehicles herald a completely new OnBoard fleet management system, with a new look and feel that is more intuitive, has clearer menu structure and real two way communication between office and vehicle. Mobile apps for drivers and transport managers and new performance monitoring features are in the mix too.

The user friendly layout enables customers to get to grips with the system quicker so they can realise the benefits of improved efficiency and safety from the off. There is a fundamental change in the measurement of driver performance with the addition of a Performance Evaluation Module (PEM).

The PEM replaces the traffic light reporting system and automatically compares an individual driver’s performance against the Scania driver population in the UK. Each driver is given a rating, similar to energy ratings you see on electrical appliances, and drivers are only compared against those doing similar work to ensure consistency and fairness. This encourages drivers to continually improve, bringing value to the customer and saving time as there is no need to add targets or review their operation prior to implementation.

Two way communication allows new functionality such as ‘remote cab heater control’, allowing  system users to start the truck cab heater remotely without the need to enter the vehicle.

OnBoard customers now receive support from a team of specialist regional Business Development Managers. The use of concise webinars can be incorporated in the OnBoard package allowing customers to be switched on and trained, potentially within a day.

A new suite of updated apps for both Android and Apple devices allow customers to stay connected with their operation on the move. Drivers are able to download an app and monitor their own performance. Customers continue to benefit from Scania’s free weekly Monitor reports detailing vehicle performance and driving behaviour.


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