Asset Alliance Industry Monitor 2022

Commercial Motor
July 7, 2022

The Industry Monitor 2022 surveys industry leaders to provide the essential guide to the state of the UK’s freight transport industry.

It analyses the challenges vehicle operators face, including rising fuel prices, driver shortages, and the issues involved in going green.

It examines the strategies being adopted to ensure the success of businesses in this changing market. And it looks at anticipated buying patterns for the year ahead.

The report was compiled from independent Edge Insight research commissioned by Motor Transport and Commercial Motor, in partnership with Asset Alliance Group.

Topics include:

  • The industry in numbers - Key facts and figures about fleets, vehicle operators and licensing trends;
  • Fighting back - Goods vehicle operators have shown resilience in the face of the severe challenges over the past couple of years, including those arising from Covid-19 and Brexit;
  • A question of supply - Sales of commercial vehicles suffered through the lockdowns but there is now an appetite to invest in vehicle fleets, despite some of the headwinds that operators face. The challenge is vehicle availability;
  • Green is the colour - More biofuel, more battery electric, and more gas-powered vehicles are on the agenda;
  • What needs doing - The cost of going green is an issue, and so is finding a place to refuel. Making alternative fuels more popular is not just about vehicles. Our survey reveals that some of the key factors in the equation require government action;
  • Living in the zone - The rise of urban clean air zones is an added challenge for operators. Moves to create clean air zones in Britain’s cities are ongoing, notably in London where the Ultra Low Emission Zone is being expanded to cover the whole of the capital;
  • Waging war on the driver shortage - Operators are working hard to find ways to recruit and retain vehicle drivers. The lack of skilled drivers might have been pushed down the list of operator concerns by the rising cost of fuel, but the problem has not gone away;
  • Built on service and support - Asset Alliance Group builds its relationships with its customers by offering the best service and support.

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